Crypto investing without
the stress

Crypto investments have traditionally been considered a risky endeavour. Not any longer!
With a unique risk mitigation method, our platform enables smart investments, empowering people  to build wealth even in volatile markets.

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Discover our solution

We created a platform that enables smart investments with controlled risk and makes it easy for every investor to take advantage of blockchain technology.

Save, invest, earn and use your cryptocurrencies to grow your wealth the way you want from anywhere in the world.

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Secured Investments

The proprietary algorithm designed for risk mitigation allows investor to control the level of risk they are comfortable with.

Choose a LOW RISK level to protect your investment or a HIGH RISK level to ensure high profitability.  

Diversified Investments

You can take control of your finances by investing with variable risk in cryptocurrency portfolios or in new coins by joining the Welthee Launchpad.

With a unique list of opportunities, launchpad projects give you the chance of diversifying your investments so you balance risk and reward in your investment portfolio.

Growth Opportunities

Creating passive income for yourself, saving accounts, investment accounts to incentivise employees, client loyalty programs or fundraising solutions for your business - Welthee brings a variety of opportunities at the tip of your fingers.

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Launchpad Projects

Benefit from the opportunities encountered among unique launchpad projects, by investing in the early stages of several blockchain projects.

With every partnership, we aim to enable ICO-like funding for emerging crypto networks. For our users, this means a chance to become early adopters in support of projects they find interesting.


riftOne is an all-in-one smart device with an ecosystem that rewards its users with tokens. With its learn-to-earn education program students are rewarded just by using the device, surfing on the web or using our learning platforms.

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A new crypto exchange. Ensuring you have all the crypto exchange features in one place, while not worrying about the flaws of a centralized system, or which jurisdiction you're working in - Dexvers will be jurisdiction agnostic.

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Discover the Superuniverse, a bold mix of cryptocurrency and carefully curated lifestyle experiences.

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A gamified ecosystem defined by a unique AI algorithm, empowering users to earn more.

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Start your journey

We offer you a symbolic stepping stone on your road to financial freedom along with the promise to guide you through this exciting journey.


What others say about us

Cristian Dan Băcilă
Cristian Dan Băcilă

A revolutionary project aimed at the people. I’m glad to see that we’re putting Romania on the map in the crypto industry. I wish the team much success.

Alexandru Poenaru
Alexandru Poenaru

Digitalization has permitted access to various types of investing. Welthee is, in my own opinion, one of the most sustainable models of investment. There’s math behind this model, and math isn’t prone to failure. I’m glad that I was able to invest early into a project that will enjoy great success in the near future.

Raul Pușcaș
Raul Pușcaș

Multiple-portfolio investment and the ability to choose the risk percentage you want are what drew me in. At first, I didn’t believe that such a project could be sustainable, however, digging deeper into the concept I realised just how innovative this project is, especially for a volatile and uncertain crypto market. It’s a disruptive concept that will revolutionise the crypto investment market.

Dorian Bumbea
Dorian Bumbea

I’m glad that, through Welthee, we will have free access to the crypto investment market, for anyone that wants to invest; regardless of the sum involved. I find it great that we can just enter into the system with small sums, ensure the viability of the concept with those, and then validate the growth model of those initial investments. I really believe that Welthee can be that financial buddy that you can rely on, regardless of your capacity to invest.

Marius Nicoară
Marius Nicoară

There was a pressing need for such an innovative project - one that facilitates the access of both large and small investors onto the crypto market and allows you to choose the percentage of risk that you want to take on from the start. It’s given me an opportunity that I’m glad I didn’t miss.

Tedy Necula
Tedy Necula

Welthee had me from the start because, with it, I found the possibility to invest Smart. Welthee is the smart way to set up your investments because you can make many smart, small investments. You also save time; being a tool that everyone can use. That’s actually what’s cool about Welthee - it’s really a financial buddy that democratizes investment placements.

Roșca Florin
Roșca Florin

I believe that every investor’s dream is to be able to invest in safety, and when I say safety, I mean having control over financial risk. Up until Welthee, I haven’t found this possibility anywhere and I didn’t think it was possible to invest whatever sums you want, in what portfolios you want, and with what risk you want. I find the concept awesome and almost incredible that this fantastic tool was created in Romania.


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