Welthee token offering

Incentivize Your Employees

Providing a balance between a stable income and long term investments, our solution incorporates motivating financial gain for your employees, affiliates and even your clients.

Your Advantage

Welthee rewards you and your businesses for their courage to enter the cryptocurrencies market. Even better, we’re the only ones offering you an easy way of integrating crypto into your business model by opening savings accounts for your employees. We call this “Welthee’s Employee Token Offer Plan”, or WETOP in short.

Increase liquidity

based on investments

Incentivise your best employees

with regular bonuses

Exponential profits

based on token growth

Here's how to get started

Ink pen

Sign a Contract

with Welthee to begin implementing the WETOP program.


Decide bonus amount

that will be granted to each of your collaborator's wallets and


Welthee's Match!

Your account will be credited an amount of tokens equal to your investment.

Program presentation

Loyalty & Team-Up

Welthee’s vision is to empower businesses and help them scale-up. That’s why we’ve created a unique crypto rewards program that you can incorporate into your business model.
Share your business QR code with clients and earn $10 and 25 WELT on their first investment in Welthee, along with 2% of all their future investments.

More Opportunities

Welthee ambassadors

Your Journey towards wealth

We support those who seek financial independence.
Become a Welthee ambassador to earn extra rewards.

Business Opportunities

Incentivize Your Employees

Welthee rewards all business owners
who want to fund a savings account for their employees or win clients' loyalty.

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