Risk mitigation method

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The Risk Bucket

As a Welthee investor you have full control over your money. Every time you invest, you can decide exactly how much you want to risk and what profits should you expect for the risk level selected.

Risk-averse & Risk tolerant investors

While in a portfolio, your funds are frozen and fully protected. There’s no risk to take. This prevents investors from making rash decisions that could lose them money in the long run

Controlling volatility is achieved by grouping risk-averse with risk tolerant investors through smart contracts. Profit and loss are spread and disbursed based on each investor risk's profiles and is unaffected by the portfolio's market performance.

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Investment Portfolios

Digital asset portfolios are created through a proprietary curating process. After the portfolio weight is designed, a smart contract embedded with price oracles, the curated assets, and the profit target, time limit, and stop-loss parameters is created.

Welthee Webinar

Passionate about risk and...

“My interest has always been in risk mitigation and for me the big picture was not about how much money I could make but rather how little I could lose before making money.
- Voaideș Cristian, Welthee’s CEO & Visionary

Portfolio highlights

Each portfolio has a timeframe, a stop loss and a profit target. Once these are set, the portfolio enters the market.

Stop loss

The stop loss is reached, and the smart contract returns the money invested to your wallet if you are a low risk investor.

Time limit

The deadline is reached, and the smart contract returns the money invested and the potential profits to your wallet.

Profit target reached

The desired profit limit is reached, and the smart contract returns the money invested and the profits to your wallet.

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