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Welthee's goal is to partner with companies that have a great product and a brilliant team so early investors can expect to see their account's value and network grow alongside those tokens.

As we continue our journey more projects will be aded to our launchpad opportunities while having the opportunity to be integrated within our low risk solution.

Working as both a business incubator & a business accelerator for crypto start-ups and existing businesses, our Launchpad serves as a crowdfunding market with safety measures for contributors.

Earn 10% bonus in Welt
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Tech & Education


Launch date
Available soon

riftOne is an all-in-one smart device with an ecosystem that rewards its users with tokens. With its learn-to-earn education program students are rewarded just by using the device, surfing on the web or using our learning platforms.

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crypto market


Price from
Launch date
Available soon

A new crypto exchange. Ensuring you have all the crypto exchange features in one place, while not worrying about the flaws of a centralized system, or which jurisdiction you're working in - Dexvers will be jurisdiction agnostic.

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finance & lifestyle


Launch date
Available soon

Discover the Superuniverse, a bold mix of cryptocurrency and carefully curated lifestyle experiences.

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social media


Launch date
Available soon

A gamified ecosystem defined by a unique AI algorithm, empowering users to earn more.

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With every investment in any of our launchpad projects we offer a bonus of 10% of the amount invested in WELT tokens.

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“Our launchpad offers a zero entry threshold and zero execution fees, with access to unprecedented low-risk portfolios.
- Voaideș Cristian, Welthee’s CEO & Visionary

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We offer you a symbolic stepping stone on your road to financial freedom along with the promise to guide you through this exciting journey.


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Any great product idea will benefit from our team's support in  tokenising  their business and further development of the project.


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All platform features are available and configurable to fit your project's needs.
We have developed an architecture that ensures the security of our platform, running regular security audits, and updating our tools regularly.


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This will grow your wealth as well as strengthen the network of emerging projects.

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